Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Q-ing

I'm a little late on posting about our little trip
to Millcreek. I have basically the same
pictures as everyone else, but oh well.

I always love hanging out with the homies.
I laugh so much, cause they are just a bunch
of weirdos. I'm not sure how it happened,
but I enjoyed singing TV sitcom songs around
the fire and munching on smores (this was the
first time I've ever had a smore and they
are delicious). It was so nice to see Tara
and Ralz and cute baby Drew. We hung out quite
a bit and I must say he is one of the cutest
babies ever.

The boys

Don't you love how everyone is being so friendly,
and Bird looks like he just happened upon some
campers and hopped in the picture.

The girls

Fun was had by all, the only thing missing to me was
Ryan and Steve. I miss Steve a lot, and if you any of you guys
ever talk to him, tell him he needs to get his ass
down here.

On a side not, I feel like maybe I have too much stuff
on my blog. I'm debating on taking the duck hunt down.
I enjoy playing it, but I have no way to know if
anyone else does. So if you like it, chime in and let me
know. Otherwise I will just get rid of it.


Kelley Rae said...

BTW I love that you now have Regian Spektor and Tori Amos playing. I loved the Ben Folds too, but these two ladies are at the top of my list!

Tara said...

Ah, you are so sweet Teish! I'm glad you liked the Drew. I think he was having fun with you too (and how thankful I was to let someone else hold the fetcher!). Anyway I loved that video - is he babbling on it? I still can't get this freakin sound to work! ANNOYING!

Anyway it was so fun hanging out with you there. I'm so happy we are back in touch. You are and have always been one of my favorite people! Love ya!

Tara said...

P.S. Steve and his Missus have a blog! It's private, but I'll send you his email so you can tell him to invite your A.

heather said...

It was lovely to get together and the pictures are the same but different so all is well.

So the duck hunt. I confess, I play. I have told Ryan and I know he will play too. Don't feel obligated to keep it though.

Teisha said...

Kelley - I'm really glad that someone likes the music. I am always worried that people never listen.

Tara - You're cutie boy is just saying hi. And for sure send me his email.