Thursday, August 7, 2008

Way to Normal

I'm super excited! The new Ben Folds album is
coming out September 30. There are two
singles out, and they sound so great.

I was listening to the first single - Hiroshima,
and the tune sounded vaguely familiar.

(Wow, I just previewed the post to see that the video no
longer works, but the song still does.)
He played it at the show in SLC, but I recognized it
from something else. And then I realized a
while back I had posted a funny video of
Ben improvising a song from some dude
yelling incoherently in the audience.

Here's the video again.

I just thought it was pretty cool.
I wonder how the guy feels to know that he
inspired the tune to his new single.
Although the song talks about a completely different
experience. About Ben falling off the stage in Hiroshima.

Here's the other single, You Don't Know Me.
I already love this song, cause I'm also a fan
of Regina Spektor. This is a retarded video,
but it has the new song.

So anyway, I'm sure none of you interested.
But you should be, cause Ben rocks!
I'm really behind on my blogging, I still nee to post
about Millcreek with the homies. I'll
get to it eventually.


Jim said...

I can't wait for this "Way To Normal"- it's been way too long since "Songs for Silverman". I love pretty much every Ben Folds songs. I loved him with Ben Folds Five, but his solo work is just so different. I'm glad, though, that the classic Ben Folds sound has come back with the work he did on his last album.

I hope the album does well and that Ben will come out with an album more than once every three years!


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