Monday, August 18, 2008

Charter for Compassion

Okay, the responses to my previous post
surprised me quite a bit. I generally have no
problem posting things that might offend
anyone. And most of you guys know that.
I'm pretty sure I have posted some offensive
things in the past, and most everyone just
shrugs and says 'Well, that's just Teisha.'
Not so much on the last one. For some reason
this is a real hot button topic to a lot
of people. And I'm really sorry, but it
made me extremely sad. I've wanted to post
this video for a while now, but I never thought
that anyone would be interested. But I think
that it is the perfect time to put it up.
There are so many intelligent people out there
who can put into words what I can't. I really hope
you watch it, as it is 20 minutes long. But I found
it completely beautiful what this woman says.
So please please watch it.


Jess said...

I really liked your video, Teisha. Thanks for posting it. She seems like a very cool lady.

Tara said...

Freak I can't get the sound to work on this computer so I am unable to watch. Is there a manuscript somewhere?