Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween!!

Yay, I love today so much. But I can
say I honestly stress myself out more than
most people do on Christmas. And that is
because of my costume. A simple store bought
costume is not enough. Even if I buy a
pre-packaged costume, I must accessorize the
hell out of it. And why do I stress so much
about my costume you ask. Well, because I love
to dress up. And as most of you saw in the
previous post, I will use any reason to dress up
outside of Halloween. Previous years I would
sometimes make 2-3 costumes, but this year because
of working so much, and not having a ton of
money, I only have one. I'm pretty sad about
it, because I had another idea for a costume.
But it will have to wait until next year.
So this post is dedicated to costumes.

I usually like to post the articles in my
blog, but I don't have time to put that together.
So links will have to be good enough.
And you must clink on the links.
I command it.

There are so many great costumes these days,
and so many options. I honestly don't remember
10 years ago having as many Halloween stores.
But this list show that even though we didn't
have a lot of variety in the past. There were
still plenty of shitty costumes to go around.

Worst Costumes of All Time

With the gift of the internet, we are able to see
some pretty horrible costumes from other parts
of the world. Oh man, Japan is crazy.

35 Most Insane Costumes from Around the World

And then there are the people that show up with the
most incredibly lame costumes that are sure to get
their asses handed to them. Sorry if any of you have
worn these.

20 Costumes That Will Earn You A Halloween Beating

I wanted to post some costumes from my childhood, but
I need to borrow them from my mom and scan them.
And I didn't have time. So I only have a few from
last year I think.

This picture has been photoshopped to hell.
And it's not really even a costume. I just dressed
up for Rocky Horror Picture Show.

And here I am as Marie Antoinette. That is my
real hair. I was a blond for a small period.
And I made the hat.

I think you guys should post some of your costumes.
Don't be lame.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fetish Night

These posts generally shouldn't be as long
as I make them. But I tend to overexplain,
assuming that most people don't understand
my fascinations. That they wouldn't make sense
unless there is background. I'm sure that I am
wrong, but I decided to explain anyways.

I have quite the obsession for hats, especially
vintage. For the longest time I would head to
some vintage shops (not the D.I. or Savers, these
are not vintage shops) and I spend all day
searching for some truly beautiful hats.
My favorites are generally from the 40's and
50's. Until I came upon Decades, I did not have the
best of luck finding these treasures.

After a while, my love of burlesque and pinup
brought me to a Miss Dita Von Teese.

She is the queen of modern burlesque, and her fashion
I wish more than anything I could emulate. But this sort of
style comes at a hefty price. I saw some pictures of her
with some amazing mini top hats.

I was determined to find one, and I looked online to see
what was available. I found some gorgeous handmade
hats, but they costed up to 200 dollars. As I looked around
some more, I found that a lot of people were making the
hats themselves for fairly cheap. They weren's as high
quality as I would like, but they were cute nonetheless.
So I headed to some craft stores, and I found top hats
made for dolls.

These were my first attempts. I have made more since
and gotten a lot better. I have also made quite
a few fascinators, which are a lot of fun to make,
and don't cost a lot.
My hats are extremely beginner, but it is a
fun hobby. I have been fortunate enough
to know a lot of people at Area 51. And they've
allowed me to set up a booth on fetish night
at no cost. I was going to go into a little
detail about fetish night and show some
pictures. But after showing my mom the pictures,
and then seeing her looks of disgust, I decided
against it.

The first time I set up there, I sold a good
amount of hats. This month, I had no luck and only sold
one fascinator. Here is my set up.

I even gave myself a business name and
made some cards. If anyone can guess what the name
is in reference to, you get a slap on the ass.

There was a girl who had bought one of my hats the first
time, and showed up this weekend wearing the hat again.
I was so excited, I took her picture with it on. She
looks so adorable with it on. It's not the best angle,
so you can't see the detail of the hat, but oh well.

I only have two pictures with me wearing the hats,
but I am hoping to get more soon. The first one
I'm just holding it, because it feel off.

I also took a lame picture of myself with my
vintage navy hat on. The theme for fetish night
was uniforms, so I made a shitty attempt at a
retro uniform. I fixed the hat up, and added
some feathers to it.

I hate taking pictures of myself, but I also hate asking
other people to take pictures of me.

After all of the research I've done, I have grown to
love millinery. And I wish we had a school available
in Salt Lake to teach it. I would love to learn how to form
hats, and understand the science of it. Maybe someday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year.

So, ya know when you walk into a store?
And they have some Christmas music
playing overhead. There's the faint smell of
cinnamon and pine. The decorations are
everywhere and the lights are up. The trees
glowing with ornate glass bulbs. This is
all before or after the stress of shopping
of course. You breath a long sigh and think
how much you love this time of year.

Well, I walked into the Halloween store
the other day. And there was the faint smell
of fake blood. The skeleton display is
convulsing back and forth. The large
fake plastic torso looking quite
calm for having rats eating his entrails.
The Time Warp and the Monster Mash
playing overhead. I breathed a long
sigh, and smiled. This is my favorite time
of year. The only time where it's not just me
being completely morbid. Horror movies
are being played non-stop on TV. And all my
friends play dress up with me. Yes, my friends,
I absolutely love every minute of it.

So, until Halloween passes us by, I will be
dedicating my blog to all things gory, ghastly,
morbid, spooky and digusting.
I will be posting about some fond memories
of Halloweens past, and some of my favorite
things now. And I encourage you guys in
comments to share some of your favorite
things or post your own Halloween blogs.

To start things off, every year I head to
RetroCrush to re-read some great Halloween lists.
The 100 Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time.

They have some great youtube clips so you can actually
watch the scenes. To go along with that they also have
The 100 Greatest Horror Movie Performances and
The 20 Best Zombie Movies.
RetroCrush is a great site, and if you head into the archives,
there is a whole list of lists. I love horror movies, and
especially love the classics. I can't really get into the recent
horror films, as it's just more torture and gore than scares.
Since we are on the subject of movies, I wanted to
share some of my favorites.

Army of Darkness

This movie is just pure camp. And Bruce Campbell
is a B-movie god. Seriously, he is hilarious.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is just a classic as far as I'm concerned.
You have to watch this for Halloween. I used
to fall asleep to this movie every night.
The Corpse Bride is great too.

There are so many hilarious clips, it's hard to
pick just one. This is one of my favorite movies,
but it is essential for this time of year.

Night Watch

This is a Russian vampire movie...kinda.
It's hard to explain, but they use the subtitles
in the most creative way.

Pan's Labyrinth

This is such a beautiful movie, and also one
of the most depressing movies I've ever seen.
It is visually stunning, and very dark.

Event Horizon

I'm not going to post a clip, because most of the ones
I found are pretty gross. This movie scared the crap out of me
when I saw it. I went to see this in theaters by myself
in high school. Trent didn't want to see it with me, so
I just went. Holy crap it still scares me to this day.
The hell scene is terrifying

The Exorcist

I watched this movie by myself too when I was
in college. I was surprised that it didn't
scare me as much as I thought. But it is
definitely creepy. And a Halloween must.


This film is from 1932, and it isn't exactly
scary as just really creepy. A lot of the people
used in this movie were actual circus freaks.

The Thing

I never had the desire to see this movie, but
I ran across it on TV, and it is pure genius.
It even has Wilford Brimley in it... pre-diabeetus.

Donnie Darko

This is such a great movie, and it is even
better for Halloween. I would love to have
a Frank costume.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Oh my god, Tim Curry as a Frankenfurter is one
of my favorite things. Most people can't
stand this movie, but I adore it.

City of Lost Children

This is such a whimsical foreign movie,
and yet it is a little dark. I need to
watch it again.

Okay, I seriously could go on forever.
As you can tell, my taste goes outside of the horror
genre.I think the mood of the film reminds of
Halloween more than just gore.
Anyway, feel free to mention some of your
favorite movies to watch this time of year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I just wanted to thank everyone for their
kind words of encouragement. I almost
deleted my previous post, because I get
a little embarassed showing that sort of
vulnerability. Especially when basically
anyone can see it. But I guess it became
a little too late. I am very lucky to have
you guys as my online pals, and I'm
even luckier that most of you aren't
too far away that we can't get together
(which by the way doesn't happen enough).

I also want to say thanks to everyone for accepting
me for who I am. I know that I am quite
liberal, and say a lot of things that you guys
don't agree with. But you have always made
me feel welcome.

As for life in general, I'm taking it one day at
a time. And I'm trying to gain some sort of
wisdom from all this. I'm trying to
understand that everyone has their own path,
and hopefully soon enough I will find mine.

So, now that I have gotten all that mushy,
emotional crap out of my system, I will go
back to my normal, sailor mouthed ways.

*monkey balls*

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I can't think of a good title.

I try very hard not to get incredibly
personal on this thing, as I think maybe
it's really gay. But I figure I want to look
back at this blog years from now, and
get a good sense of who I was.
And maybe I want to remember myself as more than
a sailor mouthed Ben Folds enthusiast.
So, I am going to be lame for the moment.

I am at the end of my 20's. And I will say my
early 20's were pretty rad. I didn't get
much accomplished, but I sure as hell had fun.
Probably too much fun, because I feel like I am
paying for that recklessness. I can say in
confidence that year 28 has been the worst
year of my life to date. And I hate saying
that, but it is the ugly truth. I am in no
way trying to get sympathy from anyone.
It's just a matter of fact. I had to put
my cat down, my main squeeze decided he has
had it with me for now after 5 years of dating.
I don't blame him, as I am no longer the same person
that he probably fell for. And since it is his families house, I had
to pack myself up and move out. And I feel
extremely pathetic because I have absolutely
nothing to show for my life except for a lot
of clothes, (and my clothes are a lot bigger in
size than they used to be, which adds to the depression)
Now, again, I am not saying these
things for you guys to feel bad for me, or say
that you are sorry. Because the position I am
in is my own fault.

These past few weeks have been an even bigger
struggle, because I don't know where to go from
here. Honestly, I didn't expect any of this.
I had always assumed I would be settled by now.
I am no further along than my 20 year old self.
In fact I feel like I am further behind, because
at least then I had nothing but possibilites.
And now I feel somewhat defeated.

I want so badly to be positive, and I am
trying. But things don't seem to be getting
any better. I guess I am just getting really
tired of thinking about my future, and I wish
I could just be. Ya know? It sucks looking at
everyone's little families growing, and people
being so happy and content. And thinking to
myself 'Why can't I have that?'
I've made a ton of mistakes, but I feel
like I deserve something. Maybe I'm wrong.

So I turned 29 in September, and I have
some pretty amazing shoes and a little
hope for things to work out with me and you.
But, holy shit...that hope is fading.
And I'm afraid I will be 30, and all
I will have is more amazing shoes.

Yikes...this was incredibly gay.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Don't Know Me

Dang it, that video got taken down fast.
How about this instead. this.
That shit is hilarious.