Friday, February 27, 2009

As promised...

Okay, so to start off. I sometimes forget that you
guys might not be interested in my messed up cartoons.
And generally, I might be posting stuff with your
hubbies in mind. So the video I posted is about
a death metal band. I remember back in high school,
some of the boys got into the whole metal thing.
It was pretty funny. I also remember some of them
calling me corpse, as in Cannibal Corpse. Apparently
because I was known to be awnry I guess. Anyway this
cartoon completely reminds me of that time. So I will
post a few more videos, and ya know, if you happen to be
living in the same house with one of my boys, pass it along.

Also, Laura was not impressed by the last post. So you
know...Laura, suck my balls.

Okay so, about the alumni dance. It has been extremely
stressful. I have not danced in about 8 years. And I
am really out of shape. So, it is seriously killing
me. I look terrible, and I honestly don't want anyone
to come. It has been fun seeing all the girls though.

And to Jess. Yes I did say i have something to post
about, but I can't remember what it was. I have really
been working hard on my necklaces. So I haven't
been as social lately. I will post a preview of some
of the jewelry I've been working on. But check back,
because I will be posting a couple on etsy tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just puttin' that out there...

I have some other stuff to post about.

But I just have to say, I love this show. LOVE...IT!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So I've been really starting to make a push to
get some of my stuff online. I have all sorts of
hobbies, and I'm spending a ton of money and not
making any of it back.

So here is the start of some of the things I'm listing
on etsy. I still have plenty to list, but it is really
time consuming. I will be putting a widget on the
side of this blog so as I update it will show up there.

I am by no means trying to sell to any of you guys,
I just figured I would put up some of my stuff for
people to see. Also, I spend hours upon hours on
etsy looking at all the wonderful handmade items
that so many people are coming up with. It is
quite amazing and extremely inspirational.
If I had never come across this site, I wouldn't have
ever been motivated to attempt to make some things
that I knew I could'nt afford to buy myself.
I highly suggest taking a look around the whole website.

On another note, after reading a few posts
on Wil Wheaton's blog about his conversations
with his iTunes, I have actually found myself
having conversations with my iPod.
The conversations go like this:
iPod: Hey, here's some David Bowie. I know how much
you like him.
Me: Oh thanks, but I'm in my car. I need some
singin' music.
iPod: Oh I see, what about NIN?
Me: Umm, nope
iPod: Fiona?
Me: I can't sing that low right now.
iPod: Manson?
Me: Now you're just messin' with me.
iPod: Okay, maybe NIN?
Me: Still a no on the Nine Inch Nails buddy.
iPod: Okay how bout' now?
Me: Dammit iPod!
iPod: Hey it's not my fault you put so much NIN on me. I don't
have a whole lot to choose from.
Me: Just figure this shit out. Don't make me turn shuffle
off and find it myself.
iPod: Woah woah, don't get crazy now. How about
Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk era.
Me: *sigh*...I guess that will do.