Sunday, February 8, 2009


So I've been really starting to make a push to
get some of my stuff online. I have all sorts of
hobbies, and I'm spending a ton of money and not
making any of it back.

So here is the start of some of the things I'm listing
on etsy. I still have plenty to list, but it is really
time consuming. I will be putting a widget on the
side of this blog so as I update it will show up there.

I am by no means trying to sell to any of you guys,
I just figured I would put up some of my stuff for
people to see. Also, I spend hours upon hours on
etsy looking at all the wonderful handmade items
that so many people are coming up with. It is
quite amazing and extremely inspirational.
If I had never come across this site, I wouldn't have
ever been motivated to attempt to make some things
that I knew I could'nt afford to buy myself.
I highly suggest taking a look around the whole website.

On another note, after reading a few posts
on Wil Wheaton's blog about his conversations
with his iTunes, I have actually found myself
having conversations with my iPod.
The conversations go like this:
iPod: Hey, here's some David Bowie. I know how much
you like him.
Me: Oh thanks, but I'm in my car. I need some
singin' music.
iPod: Oh I see, what about NIN?
Me: Umm, nope
iPod: Fiona?
Me: I can't sing that low right now.
iPod: Manson?
Me: Now you're just messin' with me.
iPod: Okay, maybe NIN?
Me: Still a no on the Nine Inch Nails buddy.
iPod: Okay how bout' now?
Me: Dammit iPod!
iPod: Hey it's not my fault you put so much NIN on me. I don't
have a whole lot to choose from.
Me: Just figure this shit out. Don't make me turn shuffle
off and find it myself.
iPod: Woah woah, don't get crazy now. How about
Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk era.
Me: *sigh*...I guess that will do.


Tara said...

Good for you! I will have to look at some of your stuff later during nap time. The jewelry looks awesome!

Kelley Rae said...

I really like the Tree of Love pendant. I never seem to find cool pendants like that. Course I should probably stop using Michael's as my source for beads :)

Maranda said...

I love etsy! That is so cool you are doing all that. Do you make earings? I am a fan of the dangly (sp)ones.

Laura said...

You make amazing jewelry. Especially the asymmetrical stuff like that bird necklace you wore to Alexis' potluck thingie. That thing was freaking amazing. I would request that you make me one...but then I'd feel like a total rip off of you. Maybe I'd just wear it in secret.

Oh and your ipod sounds like a jackass.

heather said...

Good for you Teish. That's great that you're doing that. Is it just me or are the extremely affordable? You know I am in the market for some necklaces. Just this weekend I counted, I have 4. My SIL was shocked, disgusted even. I feel I'll be needing your services. :)

And as for your ipod, how is Head Like A Hole not singing music? I say lay off the little guy. He's just trying to help ya out. :)

heather said...

shocking side note

I did have me my NIN era. Melissa and I knew the lyrics to almost every song on Downward Spiral and Pretty Hate Machine. You know the good old days when you sing along oblivious to what you are saying. I have to admit though, if I hear it they are a guilty pleasure. (this coming from a Tim Mcgraw fan. who knew?)

Teisha said...

Kelley - I actually got a lot of those pendants at Joann's (sp?) of all places. They just recently got this line. And I love it, very retro and romantic. I will admit there is a little book that shows you ideas with this particular line, and I am using a lot of the ideas.

Maranda - I haven't done earrings yet, but I am working on it. I'm trying to get some things from suppliers, it's taking some time though because some stuff is coming from Hong Kong.

Laura - I actually gave the bird necklace to Monica, but I made another one because a girl requested it on fetish night. And she never showed up. So if you want it just let me know. The more people that see my stuff and like it, the better.

Heather - I will be adding a ton more so check back and if you like one I'll give you a better deal than what I have listed. I acutally have more ready, but I need to get some measurements before I can list them.

Teisha said...

Oh and Heather, I was more in the mood for some real singing and not shouting. I am surprised to hear that you were a NIN fan though.

I will not lay off Mr. iPod. He can be a douchebag sometimes.

Laura said...

Oh, I want it. We'll have to coordinate this the next time we all hang out. I'll have the cash it you bring the goods.

KMC☠ßUЯKE said...


Jess said...

Very cool, Teish. I have been making earings with my sister. It's super fun, but I don't have the designer's eye, I guess. Love your stuff. Good luck with the sales, I will be checking it out.

And my ipod can be a Dbag too. Less so now that I have the shake to shuffle feature.