Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Check it out tonight!

Try to find the black guy

The Salt Lake City episode of American Idol will
be on tonight. And some of you remember that
I auditioned (yes, I know that is gay).

Don't expect to see me at all on the show,
as the only time a camera passed by me it
was on a track going pretty fast. But,
do expect to see a girl with a ventriliquist
dummy. She was the talk of the whole day.

I will be really interested to see if I will
recognize anyone that I met there. A lot of
people were convinced that they would make it.
But it was the most difficult auditions I have
ever seen. Most of the judges were not interested
at all.

Anyway, just reminding you to check it out.


Miller said...

I didn't know you auditioned, you are very brave. I hope you had fun though.

Jess is excited for SNOW said...

Teish, you just took away any reason for me to tune in by telling me you won't be on there...

I do think you are super cool for going. That shit is scary.

Teisha said...

I did audition. And it was super scary. It was pretty funny though the way Utah was portrayed. I guess we are known for being incredibly nice? In Utah everyone is really polite after being rejected. Where I'm sure everywhere else they told the judges to eff off.

Kelley Rae said...

I am so bummed I missed this - and you definite props to you for auditioning. Hey - i am in desperate need of some new music. Anything along the lines of Tori, Fiona, or Regina would be awesome. Any ideas?!

Tara said...

Oh you know I watched sister. I am addicted to AI every season (I know pathetic). I think it is awesome you tried out and I wish you would have made it on screen. You should have dressed up in one of your awesome Halloween costumes - that would have been a guaranteed in (i.e. the dork in the bunny costume) I mean not that you would be a dork but you know what I mean.

Ok I'll shut up now. So did you recognize anyone?

Teisha said...

Tara - I thought about getting dressed up all weird. Then at least I could have gotten my foot in the door. But, I figure that even if they generally seem to be annoyed with those people, even if their voices are great.

Kelley - let's see...Lately I've really been into Jenny Lewis. She has an amazing voice. Her music is a little folksy. I like both her band - Rilo Kiley - and her solo work. I'm particularly fond of and album she made with the Watson Twins. Almost southern gospel type music. Try it out and tell me what you think.

Kelley Rae said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation. I had heard the song Acid Tongue and wondered who sang it - now I know! I also LOVE the postal service so that was cool to see she was part of that project.
I probably like the sound of the Under the Blacklight album the most. But she does have a very beautiful voice that seems to be showcased more in her solo work. I can see why you really like her!
I alos really liked the Acid Tongue album as a whole; each song seemed to have it's own sound. It looks like I have some money to spend! ;) Thanks!

Maranda said...

I love it that you tried out.

I am with Tara I love AI. I seriously need a DVR though. I have young womens every Tuesday night and I have had to miss those days.