Monday, October 27, 2008

Fetish Night

These posts generally shouldn't be as long
as I make them. But I tend to overexplain,
assuming that most people don't understand
my fascinations. That they wouldn't make sense
unless there is background. I'm sure that I am
wrong, but I decided to explain anyways.

I have quite the obsession for hats, especially
vintage. For the longest time I would head to
some vintage shops (not the D.I. or Savers, these
are not vintage shops) and I spend all day
searching for some truly beautiful hats.
My favorites are generally from the 40's and
50's. Until I came upon Decades, I did not have the
best of luck finding these treasures.

After a while, my love of burlesque and pinup
brought me to a Miss Dita Von Teese.

She is the queen of modern burlesque, and her fashion
I wish more than anything I could emulate. But this sort of
style comes at a hefty price. I saw some pictures of her
with some amazing mini top hats.

I was determined to find one, and I looked online to see
what was available. I found some gorgeous handmade
hats, but they costed up to 200 dollars. As I looked around
some more, I found that a lot of people were making the
hats themselves for fairly cheap. They weren's as high
quality as I would like, but they were cute nonetheless.
So I headed to some craft stores, and I found top hats
made for dolls.

These were my first attempts. I have made more since
and gotten a lot better. I have also made quite
a few fascinators, which are a lot of fun to make,
and don't cost a lot.
My hats are extremely beginner, but it is a
fun hobby. I have been fortunate enough
to know a lot of people at Area 51. And they've
allowed me to set up a booth on fetish night
at no cost. I was going to go into a little
detail about fetish night and show some
pictures. But after showing my mom the pictures,
and then seeing her looks of disgust, I decided
against it.

The first time I set up there, I sold a good
amount of hats. This month, I had no luck and only sold
one fascinator. Here is my set up.

I even gave myself a business name and
made some cards. If anyone can guess what the name
is in reference to, you get a slap on the ass.

There was a girl who had bought one of my hats the first
time, and showed up this weekend wearing the hat again.
I was so excited, I took her picture with it on. She
looks so adorable with it on. It's not the best angle,
so you can't see the detail of the hat, but oh well.

I only have two pictures with me wearing the hats,
but I am hoping to get more soon. The first one
I'm just holding it, because it feel off.

I also took a lame picture of myself with my
vintage navy hat on. The theme for fetish night
was uniforms, so I made a shitty attempt at a
retro uniform. I fixed the hat up, and added
some feathers to it.

I hate taking pictures of myself, but I also hate asking
other people to take pictures of me.

After all of the research I've done, I have grown to
love millinery. And I wish we had a school available
in Salt Lake to teach it. I would love to learn how to form
hats, and understand the science of it. Maybe someday.


heather said...

They really are so cute Teish, and you have quite the talent for it. With that said, who did your makeup in those pictures? Geez, it looks so good. Maybe you should bring your makeup tonight so you can pretty me up like yourself. See you tonight!

Tess said...

I remember you were wearing one of your hats last Halloween, it was really cute. Love your business card, it looks excellent!

Maranda said...

Look how creative you are! I mean c'mon who comes up with such an original idea!? You are the essence of original!

The girl you posted pics of does bring the fifties to mind. Maybe it's the hair? That look is just so stunning...

I would have to say your pic with the vintage navy hat reminds me of the fifties too.

Really cool Teish

Jess❆ said...

Wow, Miss Dita's dresses are amazing in the pics you posted!

Your makeup looks awesome and I love the navy uniform. I think design school is calling you, Teisha :)

Tara said...

I totally agree with Jess! you should be in a design school of some sort. You are one of the most creative people I know! Love the pics of you in the navy uniform. Beautiful.

P.S. I'm kind of curious about the other fetishes but I'm guessing I better not go there if it offended your mom huh? :)

Kelley Rae said...

Decades is one of my favorite finds too!! I think Mark was meant to be born in the 30's - he would buy that store out if we could afford it! And how do you look good in everything!! Kills me! Seriously you are so talented, have you tried selling on etsy?

Teisha said...

I don't look good in everything. It's all an illusion. OoOOOoOoo
I did take some classes for fashion design when I was in college, but I hated the business aspect of it. I just wanted to design. I still would like to go to the art institute for nterior design though. I have posted my hats on etsy. But I did not have any luck. I am going to repost them though since I have some new ones.