Monday, October 20, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year.

So, ya know when you walk into a store?
And they have some Christmas music
playing overhead. There's the faint smell of
cinnamon and pine. The decorations are
everywhere and the lights are up. The trees
glowing with ornate glass bulbs. This is
all before or after the stress of shopping
of course. You breath a long sigh and think
how much you love this time of year.

Well, I walked into the Halloween store
the other day. And there was the faint smell
of fake blood. The skeleton display is
convulsing back and forth. The large
fake plastic torso looking quite
calm for having rats eating his entrails.
The Time Warp and the Monster Mash
playing overhead. I breathed a long
sigh, and smiled. This is my favorite time
of year. The only time where it's not just me
being completely morbid. Horror movies
are being played non-stop on TV. And all my
friends play dress up with me. Yes, my friends,
I absolutely love every minute of it.

So, until Halloween passes us by, I will be
dedicating my blog to all things gory, ghastly,
morbid, spooky and digusting.
I will be posting about some fond memories
of Halloweens past, and some of my favorite
things now. And I encourage you guys in
comments to share some of your favorite
things or post your own Halloween blogs.

To start things off, every year I head to
RetroCrush to re-read some great Halloween lists.
The 100 Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time.

They have some great youtube clips so you can actually
watch the scenes. To go along with that they also have
The 100 Greatest Horror Movie Performances and
The 20 Best Zombie Movies.
RetroCrush is a great site, and if you head into the archives,
there is a whole list of lists. I love horror movies, and
especially love the classics. I can't really get into the recent
horror films, as it's just more torture and gore than scares.
Since we are on the subject of movies, I wanted to
share some of my favorites.

Army of Darkness

This movie is just pure camp. And Bruce Campbell
is a B-movie god. Seriously, he is hilarious.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is just a classic as far as I'm concerned.
You have to watch this for Halloween. I used
to fall asleep to this movie every night.
The Corpse Bride is great too.

There are so many hilarious clips, it's hard to
pick just one. This is one of my favorite movies,
but it is essential for this time of year.

Night Watch

This is a Russian vampire movie...kinda.
It's hard to explain, but they use the subtitles
in the most creative way.

Pan's Labyrinth

This is such a beautiful movie, and also one
of the most depressing movies I've ever seen.
It is visually stunning, and very dark.

Event Horizon

I'm not going to post a clip, because most of the ones
I found are pretty gross. This movie scared the crap out of me
when I saw it. I went to see this in theaters by myself
in high school. Trent didn't want to see it with me, so
I just went. Holy crap it still scares me to this day.
The hell scene is terrifying

The Exorcist

I watched this movie by myself too when I was
in college. I was surprised that it didn't
scare me as much as I thought. But it is
definitely creepy. And a Halloween must.


This film is from 1932, and it isn't exactly
scary as just really creepy. A lot of the people
used in this movie were actual circus freaks.

The Thing

I never had the desire to see this movie, but
I ran across it on TV, and it is pure genius.
It even has Wilford Brimley in it... pre-diabeetus.

Donnie Darko

This is such a great movie, and it is even
better for Halloween. I would love to have
a Frank costume.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Oh my god, Tim Curry as a Frankenfurter is one
of my favorite things. Most people can't
stand this movie, but I adore it.

City of Lost Children

This is such a whimsical foreign movie,
and yet it is a little dark. I need to
watch it again.

Okay, I seriously could go on forever.
As you can tell, my taste goes outside of the horror
genre.I think the mood of the film reminds of
Halloween more than just gore.
Anyway, feel free to mention some of your
favorite movies to watch this time of year.


Jess❆ said...

Teish, I usually read every long article and watch every clip you post religiously... but as I am NOT a halloween person [and even forsook trick-or-treating at the ripe age of 9]... I didn't this time!

Hope we can still be friends.

Maren said...

Halloween is awesome.
Nightmare Before Christmas has some beautiful music in it. Great movie. of my favorite "scary" movies from when I was a kid is Tremors. I still love it. Reba McIntyre shooting a huge worm thing. How can you go wrong?
If you need a Halloween nap, watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Some good parts, but it's loooong.
Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn is fun.
So many movies, so little brain to remember them. That's all I can think of now. I'll have to check out some of yours. Happy Halloween to you.

Jess❆ said...

p.s. Check this out. Damn funny.

Teisha said...

I'm not sure you can be my friend if you don't like Halloween. But if you like I will pretend I still like you and then just talk crap behind your back. Yes? Oh man I am seeing that Sedaris quote everywhere, and it is still hilarious.

Maren - I've never seen Tremors, I'm going to have to try that one out. And I've always meant to watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. But I never thought it would be a good Halloween movie. Good suggestions.

Maranda said...

Oh I love The Nightmare Before Christmas! My kids have been watching it all month.

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to rake leaves. Then after the leaves were all raked into piles, we would jump in them and scatter them about the yard again. My mom's house has lots of big trees and that is something My kids will hopefully enjoy as the years go by.

I also love to go to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumkins and then of course carve them(who doesn't love doing this!?). Once it is all said and done we roast the pumpkin seeds, salt them, and enjoy!

Jess❆ said...

Pumpkin carving... that I can get behind. Love it.

Dan and I both laughed till we cried at the Sedaris on Letterman clip at the end of that post. I can't wait to get another one of his books!

Teisha said...

Oh, I bet he regrets not going now.

Cathy Clark said...

holy cow, Event Horizon scared the living crap out of me too, and I dont get scared easily on movies. I watched it with my sister one day back during highschool years and she fell asleep and I was up watching it alone!! Scary!

Gotta love Shaun of the Dead, I dont know why but I love all kinds of Zombie movies.

Tara said...

Um, I am the girl who gets nightmares (especially after you made me watch the Crow, but I like that one now) so I don't dabble too much in horror films. I like Halloween though! Drew is going to be a cow this year - it doesn't get much scarier than that.

I love the first part of your post, as soon as I read that crap about Christmas I knew that wasn't the Teish I knew! :)

heather said...

Is it super lame that I have only seen 1 of the movies off your list? I take that back, Ryan has watched Shaun of the Dead while I was in the room, I bailed quickly. Not for me. However I do love Halloween. I love it. I love all the kids dressed up and trick or treating and I love all of the candy that I get to swipe from my kids buckets. Not to mention the season. I love fall! Can you believe that I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I got married? You need to invite me to your dress-up get together. I used to love to get all dressed up.

heather said...

P.S. are you going to the haunted house tomorrow night?

Teisha said...

A lot of these movies aren't exclusive to Halloween. I just think it is the mood of the movies that reminds me of it. I can't believe you didn't like Shaun of the Dead though. I am planning on going to Area 51 on Halloween. You are more than welcome to be my guest if you like. But I understand if that's a no.

I am planning on going to the haunted house. I haven't said anything because I'm making sure I'm going to be done with work by then. But it's looking good.

j007bird said...

You need some more dongs making comments on your blog!

Teisha said...

Your the only dong that blogs anymore Bird. And you barely blog at all. Bboy deleted his. You should tell all the guys to get on it.