Monday, August 25, 2008

I wish I were home.

It is the official start of my week of mourning.
It didn't used to be a week of mourning, because it was
the week of Burning Man. My favorite place on earth to be.
I went there for four years starting back in 2000.
But this will be the fourth year in a row that I have not
been able to attend. I promised myself that I would be
there this year, no matter what the circumstances. But
unfortunately, with me moving, I could not afford
to go. So this week I will be moping and crying a lot.
In fact I am crying right now just even thinking about it.
Anyway, this will be an extremely long post. I was hoping to
come back from Burning Man next week and have a ton of
pictures, but instead I am just going to post some of
my favorite things from previous years. I am not really
going to attempt to explain what it is, as it
is something different to everyone that attends.
But to me it is an art festival in the middle of
the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Some people think
it's a hippie festival, and it pretty much is.
But I love to go down there and see the art and
sculptures, and also I have met some of the nicest
people with the kindest hearts. It is also somewhat of a social
experiment. I won't get into that, as it is somewhat
complicated and my post is already miles long. If anyone
is interested in what it's all about I have a link
of the official website at the end. Which I'm sure none
of you are, So onto the pictures.

Some of my fondest memories are hanging inside the belly
of the Draka the Dragon with a group of rowdy girls
that called themselves The Desert Cowgirls.
They were actually welding this monster out
in the 100 degree weather.

Also there was the Death Guild. These people
completely dedicated their whole group to
imitating the world of Mad Max. Complete
with a Thunderdome. They were everywhere with
giant cars shooting fire, and motorcycles.
And they even dressed the part.

And one of my favorite memories is when walking across
the playa by myself (which is about a mile across),
a little Italian photographer asked if he could take
my picture with this very strange looking guy
in stiletto platforms. He took quite a few
pictures of me wandering the playa with this
guy hovering behind me with an umbrella.
I never got to see the group of pictures, but I did
end up finding one on the Burning Man website.
The picture to me is a very good visual representation
of what I love about Burning Man. Something
so random that seems very odd, turns out
actually quite breathtaking.
Anyway, I think I've posted quite enough.



Jess said...

Looks pretty cool and yes, very hippy-ish with a distincly fantasy twist (what with the dragon sculptures and what not). I love the stained glass piece and of course the pic of you and the weird old dude is awesome.

I am sorry you can't go...

Jess said...

Oh, and the gonzo mobile... also awesome.

heather said...

Am I so sheltered that I would never even imagine anything like this happening in any other scenario than a movie? Don't answer that. :)

So, to be entirely clear... that is you with the umbrella? It is as the others quite intriguing, and obscure. Can't say that I will ever be attending but glad that you have broadened my artistic horizons.

Teisha said...

This is me under the umbrella back in 2000. I have always loved this picture and I wish I could see how the rest turned out. The festival is definitely out there. But as you all know, so am I.

Tara said...

Looks Crazy! I was trying to read about it, but it was totally confusing to me. Sounds like definitely something you need to experience to understand. The art looks really cool though!

Cathy Clark said...

Great pictures. I am sorry you didnt get to go this year :( but there is always next year to look forward to!

I am going private so leave me your email on my blog.


I'm sorry I haven't been communicating with you. I love you girl! Sorry you couldn't go. Where are you moving? The pictures are awesome! I miss ya! Oh ya what the hell I wasn't missed at the bbq?

Teisha said...

Shmeee! Love you too and I miss you. I moved about 3 months ago back to WVC. And of course you were missed, I forgot to put you and Zack

Miller said...

That looks simply amazing. It blew me and Brien away. Brien would love to see something like that. I hope that you are able to see it again next year. Best wishes. You know Brien taught pottery in a hippish (is that a word well I am making it one)place called Kayenta. He loved it.

Muffin said...

Ooo neat. I didn't even know you had a blog until I saw a link to it today on Tess' blog. Anyway, those burning man pics look so amazing. I've never been but I really want to go. Also, I never realized that that pic was of you - I always figured that it was just something that you found on the interwebs. It's so beautiful. Oh and. We should do something soon. fyi.

Easy NOW said...

The Utah village was huge this year. Biggest sound system on the playa ever.

Being broke is no excuse for not going. I was broke and i figured it out. It's just like the default world. It's all there. You just got to find it and take advantage of what is provided.

I have friends in Opulent Temple and a few other big camps too. So whenever i want to put on a show i can do whatever i want.

Burningman seems to be the one place where an artist is truelly appreciated by everyone.