Friday, August 29, 2008

My crazy family

Just wanted to post some pics of my family
from my grandma's birthday party.

The birthday girl throwin' some gang signs.

I probably need to explain this. In my family, if anyone
sees that you have a hole in any of your clothing,
then it will be ripped and destroyed. And my cousin
found a tiny whole in my grandpa's shirt.

My cousin and his Jewfro

Grandma and Brooke - who will be 14 soon!

The boys


I kept telling him to smile bigger

Weston will not make faces, he will only say cheese.

I spend the majority of the night telling Livie to do this!

And this..

and this...

and this.

Just a few videos of the kids.

I'd told him to smile bigger, and he would only say cheese louder.


Kelley Rae said...

That Olivia is so cute! And in so much trouble if she's doing everything you tell her to (ha ha)!!

Jess said...

Your family is crazy! I especially like the clothes ripping tradition. Awesome.

Tara said...

Seriously I can't believe your grandpa's shirt got all ruined! Teisha you are such a fun Auntie, I bet the kids just love it!

Mysti said...

Hey Teish, those video's are hilarious, I also love your grandma throwing the gang signs!