Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Things got serious on this end of
the blogosphere for while there. And
to be honest, I'm a little emotionally
exhausted. So I need to lighten things up
a bit. For all of you who don't know,
the boys back in high school introduced
me to a genius little film called Moron Movies.
They were very low budget skits
filmed and grouped together by Len Cella to
form one long...well....moron movie.

Here are some clips.

I don't think this is a bad recording, I remember
the actual movie looking this crappy. It was
followed up by the highly anticipated
sequal called...wait for it.

More Moron Movies!

These were so hilarious, in a moronic way (did you catch that?)

Anyway, to all of you ladies out there who look
at my blog, and who have married any of my boys.
Please make sure to show them this post.
It is of extreme importance.

Dogshit Production Presents


A Len Cella Film
For People With Pisspoor Upbringing

Here is the preview
(Surprisingly, there is some nudity in this clip
and the sound is way off)

I'm going to send Len Cella a check,
and we need to get together and watch it.
Who is with me?

Holy shit, Len Cella has a Myspace page and he is 71 years old.


heather said...

My fav is how to save time. Classic. Ryan will definitely see this.

Tara said...

Again with the sound. Damn laptop!

I'll tell the Ralz though.

Booth and Tiffany Jenson said...

i really needed that today. i remember these. funny!!!!

Jess said...

Dan didn't seem like he recognized the dude, so maybe he wasn't in on that in HS. He was seemed a bit creeped out by the old dude, but the bowling ball under the bed bit killed with him.

Teisha said...

That is weird, I always thought he's seen these. Well, I'm going to get the new ones, and possibly track down the old ones adn we will have to get together an wathc them. I think Danz would like them.