Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time for a break

I figure I would give you a break from
my seriousness, and post some of the
other things going on.
I completely skipped Halloween because
of my distractions. So I will post on that.

I have not been to a haunted house in
ages. Heather was extremely nice to attempt
to plan an outing for all the bloggers.
And after numerous emails, trying to
get a time and date to work for everyone
(seriously I think these emails spanned
a month, and more emails than I could
count), it ended up just being me and Heather.

We went to the haunted house at This is Place
State Park. I have never been up there, but it
was pretty cool. I unfortunately wore heels,
because Heather always complains about how
tall she is. So I wanted to make her feel better.
I regretted it shortly thereafter. It was an outdoor
haunted house and I was quite wobbly. This was only
made worse by Heather being quite the wuss, and as she
was scared, she proceeded to tear my arm off.
(I call you a wuss with the utmost amount
of respect and love my dear Heather)

The first house we went into was the best.
Only because Heather managed to scream at every
turn. I knew that Holly was the screamer, but
much to my delight, Heather was just as bad.
I caught on to this, and without her knowing at
first, I recorded her numerous screams.
Unfortunately, she found out, and I missed
the majority of the good ones in the beginning.
But here are two. (Heather thought she might
have gotten away with me not posting this.

This was a surprisingly long trail. The place was
pretty amazing. There were tons of old houses and
mansions. We managed to spend a good half hour
in a tiny maze. I still don't know how we missed
the exit. And to top it all off, there was
a headless horseman riding horse back along
one of the trails. A real effing horse galloping
pretty damn fast. I managed to cuss extremely loud
when it came. Something a long the lines of
"HOLY SHIT! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen!"

We spent a good amount of time trying to figure out
how to take a picture of both of us together
(I think it was about 10 or so).

I also told Heather I would not post her funny face
picture. You see, Heather wants so badly to make
cute funny faces. She thinks for some reason I have mastered
this art (I do not know why). But I like Heather's funny
face in this one.

And, my advice Heather. Practice in the mirror.
Although some people are just born with funny faces (in my case)
Be extremely thankful that you were born with the kind
of face you can't practice. And that is a beautiful face.

Soooo Sappy! (but very true)

In the end, I was glad we still both went after
everyone managed to bail.


Jess❆ said...

Nice screams, Heather! Haha. I also loved the commentary afterward: "I don't know how you can come to a haunted house and not expect people to be jumping out at you..."

Very comforting, Teish. :)

heather said...

So much fun, and I DID think that I got off humiliation free. I was wrong. I was quite the wuss but you my friend have it wrong. You have mastered the hot ugly face only because you maintain hotness constantly. Oh and did the picture of us with the scary dude not turn out? That was too funny that he offered to take a picture with us. I just love you! I'm glad everyone bailed at the last minute!

Teisha said...

The one with the beetlejuice guy was super blurry. So no good.

Jess: I have about 15 different clips of me making fun of Heather. I chose only to post the screamers.

Tara said...

Oh I hate haunted houses! I am total wuss too so I would have been right there with Heather. Looks like you guys had fun!!

Maranda said...

I'm laughing that you even thought to record the screaming.

Teisha said...

Oh I wish that I had gotten the beginning. I couldn't stop laughing.

Cathy Clark said...

Oh how fun, I really wish I could have gone, darn birthday parties! I am down for the next girls night though no matter what I have to do!