Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Rick Roll

I never watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

...but I missed the most epic moment.
Thank zombie jesus that we have youtube,
because I would have been truly sad if
I wasn't able to see this moment.

First off I love Foster's Home for Imaginary
Friends. It is truly one of the best kids cartoons
ever. Then...something amazing happened.

The most epic Rick Roll probably in the
history of rick rolling.

Rick Astley...Mr. Rick Roll himself showed up
on this rad float, and proceded to rick roll the entire country.

Bored geeks across the land probably uniformly pissed
themselves a little.

*I sometimes assume that everyone is an internet geek,
like myself. So, I forget that maybe some of you
have never been rickrolled, or haven't heard the term.
So here is a link in case you don't understand this.*


Thanksgiving is know for getting together
with family and having a good meal.
I love Thanksgiving even more because
instead of a traditional meal, my grandma
makes us this:

Nothing better than homemade, authentic spaghetti
and meatballs. Throw in a little sausage and pork
and it is a feast for the ages. So delicious. My grandma makes
this for Thanksgiving every year. And hopefully
next year she is going to teach me. It is a two
day process, but I think I am up to the task.

On another subject. I went to see Ohgr for the first time this
last Wednesday. And I will say the show was
pretty cool. He is very theatrical. He came out
in an amazing costume, and I tried to get a picture
of it, but my camera was not having it.
Luckily, he stripped it off during the show, and
displayed it on side. So as everyone was
clearing out, I went and got a good picture.

I enjoyed the show, especially since there weren't
a ton of people there. Although I wish he would
have played more of the older stuff.

Here's a video. Be warned, somewhat creepy.

Oh and if anyone is curious to know why
I loathe Christmas, this article sums it up.



Jess is excited for SNOW said...

Wow! Your thanksgiving feast looks awesome. What a fun tradition. I've only been converted to the virtues of meatballs recently... feel free to make me a taste tester when you learn the family secrets. :)

Jess is excited for SNOW said...

Man, I just watched your "Rick Roll" video. I can't believe they dusted him off to lip sync his one hit on a float full of puppets. Some people have no shame.

Teisha said...

No Jess, you don't understand. I could be wrong, but I assume you have not been rickrolled. If you haven't heard of rick rolling, I will direct you here.

Read the whole thing, it's pretty funny.

I actually attempted to make my great grandma Pannunzio's spaghetti recipe once. And it actually turned out good. But my grandma's is different, and to me so much better. At some point, if I ever get my own place, I will be inviting you guys over for spaghetti for sure.

Tess said...

Good thing you provided a link so I could understand the term rickrolling, I had no idea, but I feel more intelligent and up on my current events now that I know. Random things are always the funniest. And that Thanksgiving meal looks awesome, seriously, turkey just isn't all that good, whereas Italian food can rarely be bested.

Maranda said...

Homemade spaghetti and meat balls...that sounds sooo good. Ooooh you'll have to fill me in on the *secret* recipe;)

I hate the shopping part of Christmas too! I can't believe that poor guy was killed. What is this world coming to!? Seriously what ever happened to common courtesy and caring for one another?

Muffin said...

Ryan was pretty pumped about the macy's rick rolling too. Yeah...that whole wallmart thing is really disturbing. And the fact that it's now surprising to me should probably disturb me even further...

Jess is excited for SNOW said...

No, you're right! I didn't understand. Much, much funnier! I feel snubbed by the fact that I have not yet been "Rick Rolled."

I HATE being left out of inside jokes!

Tara said...

Rick Rolling aside, I gotta say I am not an advocate of straying from the classic Thanksgiving dinner. HOWEVER. That meal looks pretty damn delicious and I wish I could have put that down along with my turkey. MMMM!

Tom and Jenny Judd said...

I love that your Grandma has made her own Thanksgiving traditions. It makes it really personal and special.

Booth and Tiffany Jenson said...

that is the only part of the parade that we saw. it was akward!! funny