Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm the goddamn Batman!

The Dark Knight was incredible...

And I really wish that Heath Ledger
hadn't died. I could imagine him
starring in a movie based completely
around the Joker.

There is a lot of language in this gif,
and it is long, but completely hilarious.


I usually try to wait a few days to post
something new. Ya know, so you guys can catch up and
make your comments.
But I see so many funny and strange things on
the internets, and I must share them all
with you. So, from now on, just remember to
scroll down after the most recent post.
As I'm sure I will be posting daily.


Mysti said...

Hey Teish! I also loved the Dark Knight! If you want to see it again with somebody, just let me know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ditchin out on the movie. It was your idea to go see it and you sold us out!

Teisha said...

I realize it was my idea. And I kept trying to find reserved seating for Friday. I could never find them. And then I finally decided on Sunday after I didn't hear from anyone about it. It was too late by the time Jess got a hold of me. Don't pretend like you care. Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Dude what is your email address?This blog communication is lame.

Teisha said...

Tara said...

Oh I can't wait to see this one! It looks so good. Christian Bale is so freakin hot. Ral and I will probably see it in Utah (where we will have a sitter) so if you want to go again let me know!