Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is going to be a very quick post. Because I am at work, and I'm
supposed to be working. I have moved again recently. And so I am
without computer access at home. It has been...interesting.
So my etsy account is not going to be updated for a while.
Although I have lost quite a bit of motivation to make things
recently and I am without a camera. Oh my, so much has changed
and so much has happened this past month. Because of this it
seems like a year has passed. It has been quite the roller coaster,
and everyday it seems my emotions are everywhere.

There is much to tell, and yet I can't tell it. It's
quite frustrating. One of the reasons I haven't been posting
lately is because of my struggle with my personal life
being too public. I like the idea of anyone being able
to take a peek at my little life. But I am reluctant to
post anything too personal. And I really want to be personal
and specific. I like being able to look back at this blog,
and know exactly where I was and how I was feeling. I have a
terrible memory, and I know being too general will
only make things fuzzier. So then there is the question of making it
private. Something I have been trying to avoid. I guess
when the time comes, and I am ready to talk about everything
I will make the decision. But until then, I won't be
updating very much.


Libby said...

Promise if you make it private that you write a dramatic blog post entitled "GOING PRIVATE," in which you list all your reasons for your decision, including your fear that some uber-creep in your neighborhood might try to stalk you after seeing pictures of your unborn baby's ultrasound and your 5 other already-born super-cute children and how sad it is that you have to go private in a time like this when all you're trying to do is show the people you went to high school with how super amazing your life is but it looks like THAT won't be happening because of some creep. K, thanks.

Booth and Tiffany Jenson said...

awww shucky darn. some people are real CRAZY, and would for real stalk you. it isnt a bad idea.

Laura said...

I think when you get to the point where you're censoring everything that you say to the point that it's so ambiguous that no one (including you in a few months) has any idea of what you've actually said, it's time to go private. Unless of course that means that I can't read your blog. Then...public is awesome. I couldn't bear to be banned from looking at your sexy fetus photos. Mmmm...fetus.

Tara said...

Oh man! Update! Inquiring minds want to know... :) love you Teish! I hope it is all going well!

Æxï§ said...

Damn! I feel like a total loser all procrastinating on reading the blogs lately! I'm sorry! :(

I think I understand what you mean by struggling with your personal life being too public...especially while you're going through so much emotionally. That's probably why I haven't posted much in awhile too. It feels so nice to vent and get feelings out into the world, but you don't want to risk those feelings, and whatever information that goes along with them, getting into the wrong hands, per se'.

Is there a way to make your blogger private for most everyone except for the people you WANT to see it (like on MySpace)?

If so, lemme know, k? That's something I'd be interested in as well. :)

Maranda said...

Just do it...go private. You can always do another blog that is public that you can update:)

Hope you are okay...

Jess said...

Amen to the privacy thing. My life isn't interesting enough for stalking, but I just don't like it all "out there."

Hope you are well... It's been a long time again.