Sunday, July 19, 2009

You could just drop dead! That'll show em'

...I don't wanna.

I couldn't think of a title, so there you have it.

As you have noticed, I am not keeping up on my blog.
This social networking think is kicking my butt, and
has made me loathe the internet. I spend all day at
work on the computer, and then I come home and spend
all night on the internet. Trying to make sure my
etsy site gets seen, while still trying not to spam
the hell out of everyone. It is quite the challenge,
and it's getting to me. I am an extremely social
person, and I crave human contact. So spending all
this time socializing on the internet is making me
feel quite isolated. I'm even having a hard time
motivating myself to make things, because I know all the
time I'm going to have to spend listing the items and
promoting them. I have tried hard to keep it to a minimum
on facebook for the sake of my friends. But if you follow
me on twitter, you are screwed.

I have been trying to get out more, although I don't have a
lot of people to get out with. So I hit the vintage stores by myself,
and go to movies by myself. Just to still feel connected to
the outside world. I have been going dancing quite a bit,
just to get my blood flowing and I think it might actually
be helping me lose weight. Which is wonderful, since I
gained a ton of weight after I stopped going to the club.
I still go to Area 51. I've officially been going to
Area for 10 years. And I am starting to feel a little
old going there. But honestly, I don't care. They play
great music, and it just makes me feel good to get dressed
up and go sweat it out on the dance floor. There is no
better feeling right now then to just forget about all
of my stresses and let the music take over. That sounds
pretty gay, I know.

I hope you guys all know I am still reading all of your
blogs. I haven't been commenting because I can see you have
plenty of people saying the same thing I was going to
say. Congrats to all you baby makers who have popped
one out.

I don't really have any pictures to post or anything
like that. So, move on. Nothing to see here.


Laura said...

Dammit when you're going and doing cool stuff, perhaps you might think to tell people. Just sayin. It would increase your odds of having people to do stuff with. Also those lily earrings are awesome and I want to buy them.

Teisha said...

Well my friend, I didn't know you were available. You know, since being married means you are locked up in some weird chamber sewing dresses and making pies. Isn't that how it works?

I am going to start inviting you places now. So...prepare yourself.

Teisha said...

And if you want the earrings, they are yours.

Tara said...

About effing time! I've been wondering where the Teish was. Are you going to the upcoming baby shower for Jess? I want to see you! I am going to be in Utah for like 3 weeks so let's please also do lunch or dinner or something!

Oh and good for you that you still go dancing! I remember hitting Area with you a few times back in the day. Good times. :)

Æxï§ said...

I was ABOUT to not comment (using YOUR logic) because Laura said the same thing I was going to say, but then I realized I'd be succumbing to part of the reason it seems like you have fallen off of the planet...I hardly hear from you anymore. So, I'm being the rebel and I'm leaving you a comment saying that you should text me or call me when you wanna go out or do something. I'm just about as alienated as you are these days...unless you count hanging out with my family as having a "social life." (lame)
So...I was thinking of going to Fetish Night this weekend...ya know, before I get WAY too huge to dance. You gonna be there? In any event, you, me, and Laura should go do something again...SOON. :)

KMC☠ßUЯKE said...


Teisha said...

Newman - I will be at the shower, so I'm excited to see you. You need to call me while you are here, we for sure have to do lunch or dinner. I'm serious, just call me dude. Love ya.

Laura said...

Oh man, if only married life were as glamorous as you describe it. I love dresses AND pies. But especially pies. Dammit I got screwed.

But. I digress. The point is that it's excellent that all three of us can agree that we should be hanging out more. And that it's all your fault that we aren't. *cough*
Alright, that last part might just be an unsubstantiated rumor...but I'm for reals expecting to be informed of things before they happen rather than after.

And rad. I'll keep the cash on hand so that we can make the trade then next time we hang out.

Maranda said...

What the crap Teish! You should be calling SOMEONE to go with you! Don't go alone. Please remember from the married folk: Being married doesn't bar one from having fun with one's girlfriends. :)

BTW I'll totally do the Michael Jackson dance with you. "They don't really care about us" has a great beat for some awesome dancing...I still have connections with Kevin to whip up a remix:)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog - the stuff you make is gorgeous! :) I may need to buy more!

Social networking online does seem to take up a lot of time. I was offline for a few days, and I'm overwhelmed by the number of blogs I feel I need to "catch up" with.

heather said...

Hey it was so good to see you last night and I wished you could have stayed longer. Call me lady, I'd love to hang.