Monday, April 13, 2009

I don't usually enjoy spring...

I have always loathed pastels, and florals, and and shorts (yikes!)
I am a retro goth at heart.

But, something happened this year. I started really loving
florals. Like obsessing. I think it's because I'm spending so
much time on etsy. And it's hard not to be inspired by
it's whimsical nature. I still hate the shorts though.

A lovely lady I met on Twitter allowed me to express my
unusual passion for florals on her wonderful editorial
fashion shoot. And the results are so sugary sweet,
you'll get a goddamn cavity.

You have to enlarge the picture to really see it, but my pink ring
is in this one.

My Ivory Dahlia Headpiece is in this.

Lastly, she used my Dark Teal Floral Headband. And you can't
see them very well, but my Butterfly Headband is in there, and
my Ceramic Heart necklace is peeking out a little.

Thanks so much to Miss Kelsi of Stylesmith
for letting me participate in this lovely fashion shoot.
And I hope she will let me do more.

And please everyone go give Dedicated Followers of Fashion
some love. Where you can see the whole shoot, and links to
all of the wonderful etsy sellers who participated.

*All pictures are credited to Kelsi Smith,
so don't be a dick and go stealing them. Alright?*


Æxï§ said...

I said it before and I'll say it again "Man I LOVE this editorial!"

A "cheery" disposition said...

I love these pictures and outfits! looks like something out of a Teen vouge shoot.

heather said...

Very Springy. Now if I could just muster enough courage to pull off one of your flowered head bands I would be giddy. Am I a flower in my hair kind of girl? ...

Teisha said...

Anyone can be a flower in their hair kind of girl. You just have to believe it. I was very reluctant to wear them, because I thought they were too dramatic. But how am I going to sell them if I don't think I can wear them myself, you know? Turns out, I love wearing them, although I am still sometimes afraid to wear them casually to the grocery store or something :)

Maranda said...

I agree springy indeed.

Jess said...

Where's the pics of YOU frolicking in a floral??? When it warms up at home, I'll find my self a giant floral moo moo and we can frolic together.

And is it just me, or is there something a little bit creepy about those girls' faces in the last pic?

Tara said...

Teish you crack me up with the cavity remark.

Anyway I love those flower pieces! But I am like Heather - not sure if I can pull it off. I'm loving your earrings by the way!

Easy NOW said...

I love your stuff. You should post some of it on my site to sell. I built it just for local artists to show their stuff.