Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm not going to write much. I need to sit
down and write. Or even draw, or read. Make some
jewelry and get my shop running again.

But I am consumed right now. With grander things.

I would love to write every detail, but I still don't
want to make my account private. And there is
one particular person that doesn't deserve to know
anything about my life. At first it was because
I didn't want to hurt them. But after certain actions and heated words,
I just don't want them to know anything about me
or my life. And honestly things are going really good.

For once.

I'm not a superstitious kind of person, except when
it comes to my happiness. I need this right now.
I have been extremely unlucky in love. I let my guard
down and acknowledge it, suddenly it gets bad, or it
just goes away. And I don't want to ruin this one.

So for now, I am content. That's all I will say.


Jess said...


Totally bummed that we missed you guys and your mustaches on a stick [AWESOME! Dan was trying to get me to make mustaches for us all (including claire) out of the Dog's fur.... yikes] on Friday. Loved the pics on fb.

heather said...

I'm glad you're "content". You look a little more than that in the pics and I couldn't be happier for you.

Maranda said...

Ditto to Heather's comment:)