Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I want to go back!

Alright, here are the same pictures that everyone
else has, just slightly different. I tried really hard
not to be a fat ass. And I am telling
you right now, I'm rockin a double chin in every
single picture. Generally I would photoshop that
shit out. But it would be kinda gay to do that
on my pics, since everyone elses blog has it clear
as day. Also, there is red eye, but I'm to lazy
to fix that either. So, oh well. I had a lot of
fun seeing everyone...blah blah blah. You know the drill.
I wish I got more pictures with everyone -
Kelly, Amy, Pam and Katie. I love Tara
and I really missed her. It's so funny to
talk to her. I have a terrible memory, and
she tells reminds me about all the crazy stuff
we used to do. Moose told me about SWS, which
I totally forgot about. Man, us girls were so crazy.
It suck that the homies couldn't (or refused) to be
there. But I think we should plan something for when
Tara and Ralz come back to town. Oh man, I need to shut
up and get to the pics.

I love how Heather is cradling my head in this picture.
So motherly. (I don't care how much you thought you
used to be a brat, I always thought you were pretty badass.)

I was being spontaneous for the camera.

After the reunion, we were off to hick town.

And finally I headed off and met some friends at Area 51.
Yes, I still go there. And they were playing some
great music, so I danced until my feet could not
handle my hot shoes anymore.

Steph, Monica (who did my hair) and me at Area.

So let's see, what else... Miss Kelly - If you are reading this,
I think you rock for giving MSI a chance. But beware,
there is some pretty disturbing sexual content. I will
possibly try to find some more approriate songs, although
I don't think I will have much luck. Some other unknowns,
which I think are great.
Try out Tub Ring (they have a little bit of a Danny Elfman feel
to them)

The Birthday Massacre is great also. A little less random and a little more

Last, I've loved ohGr for quite some time. Kind of industrial synth-pop.
The video is kinda lame, but the song is rockin.

I hope you like them, if not...I dunno.

Oh, and Marci - get a blog dude!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Kiddies

I have some fun pictures and videos of Tiff's kids.
They are from when I went to help my
parents lay sod. Although I don't think
I was much help. That shit is heavy.

I think I will do another slide show, cause
I have lots of pics.

Here are some cute videos too.

I stole these from my sisters blog.
They are from her birthday party, and they are
pretty effin hilarious. I don't think I will
caption them. I will just let the pictures
speak for themselves. You must click on the
picture to see the larger view, or you might
miss some details.

Friday, June 20, 2008

All hail Hypnotoad

I got tagged by Tara - cause she likes me more than
anyone else - right Tara....riiiggghht?
Okay so here I go

3 Things Tag

3 Joys
(surprisingly, this one was really hard)

1. My sisters kids
2. Going to the movies - love it
3. Sneaking Chili's chips and salsa into the theatre

3 Fears

1. Roller Skating
2. Ice Skating
3. Goats - have you taken a good look into their eyes? Pure evil

3 Goals

1. Get in shape (me too Tara)
2. Finish my drawing of Ginger Rogers
3. Get my shit together

3 Current Obsessions

1. Buying clothes (that hasn't changed in years)
2. Family Guy or Futurama (see title and picture)
3. Reading Chuck Palahniuk or Neil Gaiman books - I can't get enough

3 Surprising Facts About Me

1. I want to be an interior designer, I don't know if that's surprising
2. I'm pretty decent at drawing portraits, or so I've been told
3. I still wish I were a dancer

3 People I Tag

1. Tiff
2. Heather
3. Moose


Monday, June 16, 2008


We did some garfing for Chasade's bachelorette party.
Well, everyone garfed and I took pictures. I took the garf
cart back and forth through I think about 6 groups
of people and I went through 5 cameras. All of which
at some point ran out of pictures or batteries. These
are the ones from my camera. I want to do one of those
slide show things that Tiff has on her website. Let me
see if I can hook that up....hang on a sec...

Okay, I did it. But there aren't captions, so use your

I'm a Frankenstein Girl

Okay, so then I was off to the
Mindless Self Indulgence Concert.
This is my favorite band, and they
have not come to Salt Lake for about
3 years. So I was extremely excited
for this show. I would post some of
their music or a video, but most
of there music contains loads of
cussing and sexual content. I've tried
to keep my blog at least PG-13. Maybe I
can find one. Just a minute.....

...okay, I was really surprised to find
one that does not have any cussing.
So, if you are interested in my life at all
and my interests (I know you are) then you will
watch this video and enjoy it.

They aren't for everybody, but I've loved them for
...holy crap almost 10 years. The show was awesome.
I was up front for all the opening acts, but when
MSI came out, I had to get out of the way. So I
didn't see a whole lot. But it was still great
none the less. The first show I went to there
were probably only 50 people, but this show was
huge, and they still come out after the show and
sign autographs and take pictures. I got pictures
the last show with the whole band, but this year
Lyn-Z and Kitty didn't come out. The security were
being dicks and telling us to get out, but Jimmy
and Steve Righ? still came out and told the
security to STFU. So I got me some pics with the
guys and I can't wait til' I can see them play again.

Steve Righ? and my double chin

The singer Jimmy Urine - I do not know what is happening here.

Sex and Salt Lake City

Okay, I'm doing these one post at a time. I am way
backed up on pictures, and I know if I do one huge post,
everyone will skim through it. And ya know, I don't
appreciate skimmers. So I will start it off
with this short one. Some of the girls and I
decided to do a girls night out for the
Sex and the City premiere. I was super excited and
I've been waiting years for this. Just to say it
was an awesome movie. To anyone who hasn't followed the
show, I don't think it stands alone as a
good movie, it was kinda like one long episode.
But it was great, and I can't wait for the next.

We then went to Kristauffs Martini Bar where
it said they were having a Sex and the City
premiere party. We showed up to find all of two
balloon arrangements for said party. We were
quite amused and at one point I decided I wanted
to leave with the balloons, but I seemed to have
forgotten them when I left. It started out decent
enough. We had some themed martinis,
and basically made fun of one particular
old couple dancing. Eventually it got way too
crowded so we left. It was a lot of fun. Thanks
to Brandy, Monica, and Laura for coming out with me.
I meant to take a lot more pictures,
but I only ended up with one.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Narrator

I'm just doing a quick post. I have a lot of pics
and some videos to post, but I need my thingy (you know,
that thingy that connects your camera to your computer)
so I can show them to the 5 or 6 of you that check mah blog.

So the post!

This post is dedicated to Morgan Freeman. Maybe not so
much Morgan Freeman himself, but to his soothing voice.
As some of you know, Morgan Freeman played Red in
the critically acclaimed Shawshank Redemtion. This
movie is great, but it would have only been sub-par
if not for Morgan Freeman's narration.

As I thought about it, he has done quite a bit of voice over
and narration work. Here is a list:

A Raisin in the Sun (tv)
Million Dollar Baby - narrator and supporting actor
A Remarkable Promise
War of the Worlds
Slavery and the Making of America (tv mini-series)
"American Masters" - Clint Eastwood: Out of the Shadows (tv episode)
The Shawshank Redemption - narrator and actor
A Festival at Ford's (tv)
The Gospel at Colonus (tv)
March of the Pengiuns
The Hunting of the President

Here is a funny clip from Family Guy,
I couldn't find just the clip alone so watch to the
21 second mark.

Also he's played GOD. I do believe if there is a god,
I hope that it is the warm, wise and philisophical
voice of Morgan Freeman. I could imagine sitting by the
fire, curled up in a warm blanket with some hot cocoa.
Looking out the window over the snowy landscape. And
Morgan Freeman voice telling me about black history or
penguins or some shit. I would believe anything
that calming voice would tell me. Anyone could slip into
a soothing, hypnotic state. But with a voice like his, I
assume it comes with much responsibility. He could
misinform or downright lie about anything, and I wouldn't
question it. His narrating skills must only be used for

And so, here's to you Morgan Freeman, and your soulful
voice. May it bring peace and harmony to this world.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Raise it, brotha!

So, today I woke up and I was feeling pretty crappy.
I did not want to go to work at all. I got in the
car and stopped for gas (which will make anyone
feel much worse these days). I headed off, and I looked
in the car next to me, and this black dude is just
breakin it on down. I kinda giggled until he started
raisin' the roof. It was hilarious. And I figured,
if some guy can just raise the roof confidently,
about 5-7 years after he really should be, then life
can't be that crappy, right?

So anyway, thanks to everyone for the well wishes. It does
help to know I have such great friends.
I think maybe when I start to get down, I'm gonna raise the roof.

Oh, and this is for Tara and her boobies.

I was surprised that I still know all the words.